Top 5 Favorite Places

This is so hard to narrow down… Many places I’ve been to have stuck with me for their various unique scenes, landmarks, and beauty. But if I absolutely had to pick my 5 favorite places, they would be:

Washington, D.C. This doesn’t count as one of my five, because it’s pretty much lke home. I’m a suburban chick, but I love the city.. and this city will always favorite.

–My dad took this on President Obama’s Inaguration Day. 1|20|09, a day before my birthday. I’m glad I was able to be a part of this historic day in DC, even from afar; however I would never, ever do it again. Lol. Chaotic, exhausting, freezing cold day. Maybe was probably the frigid temperature, but it was chilling to see so many people uniting, hugging strangers, smiling ear-to-ear, and waving flags all in celebration of our new president.

Paris, France. One of my most desired travel fantasies came true when I got to visit Paris during my junior year in high school. I went with my parents to see one of my dad’s college roomies get married. It was nothing short of the fairytale wedding every little girl dreams of — absolutely beautiful. I love aerial views and breathtaking scenery, so looking out over the city during sunset from the top of the Eiffel Tower was of course my favorite part about this trip.

Venice, Italy. I would highly recommend anyone visiting Italy to make a stop here! Every “road” is literally a little river, so there are NO cars here… you get everywhere by boat or on foot. It’s uniqueness is unparallel to any other place.

Las Vegas!! LOVE this place… no other words are needed, but here are some more anyway. Thanks to my best friend, we spent a week here in a condo just off the strip during my 21st birthday. Turning 21 here was hands down my best. birthday. ever. I can’t wait to go back, and back’s fabulous and so much fun here!

The Islands. So I’m kind of cheating for this one, and grouping several Caribbean islands together as one of my favorite places. I always visit them on cruises, and the stops I like going to most are Jamaica, St. Thomas, St. Martin, and the Bahamas. I’m a sucker for gorgeous beaches, and these islands have plenty. The whole environment — laying by the clear aqua water, the jetskiing and banana boating and snorkeling, the calypso music — all puts me at such ease. At home, sometimes I turn on my Bob Marley tunes and channel these Caribbean vibes, lol.

Monte Carlo, Monaco. This is a tiny but jaw dropping principality that I both fortunately and unfortunately only got to visit for a few hours. But those hours were enough to make me completely adore its glamor. I have yet to REALLY experience Monte Carlo — that’s definitely on my bucket list. It’s gorgeous, it’s colorful, it’s on the water and only a hop, skip, and jump away from the beautiful French Riviera, and I heard that the parties there are top notch. Gotta get my coins up to hang with the real ballers there. All in all, simply just being here gave me life, it’s sooo amazing!

Runners up: Barcelona, Spain; Cannes, France; and Florence, Italy


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